How To Juggle A Soccer Ball While Texting A Message To Clinician Nick Chmaruk

on Monday, August 20, 2012
How To Juggle A Soccer Ball While Texting A Message To Clinician Nick Chmaruk Video Clips. Duration : 1.92 Mins.

Locked ankle juggling without back spin enhances instep strike, volley & half volley ability. HOW TO: Kneel, sit on heels, insteps in contact with floor & toes pointed. This seats the sinews establishing muscle memory for correct locked ankle form. Stand & juggle with instep ball contact, toes pointed. Maintain precision position (shoulders-over knees-over balls of feet) jogging in place to react faster. During the 2010 FIFA World Cup there was a FloTV commercial featuring a player watching TV on his cellular phone while juggling a soccer ball. That was a great trick! This video takes it to another level by juggling a soccer ball while composing & sending a text message during a self training session with clinician Nick Chmaruk. ENGLISH RIVER SOCCER ACADEMY: A self training system applied in clinic & camp format; Created to provide an opportunity to demonstrate & assistant coach a technical course syllabus; Approved in 2009 by US Youth Soccer Region 2 ODP pool administrator as a "Girls Give Back To Soccer" volunteer program curriculum; No better way to learn than to teach the curriculum evolved from the self training system. MISSION STATEMENT: TO BUILD ELITE TECHNIQUE FOR QUALITY TEAMWORK IN AN ATMOSPHERE OF RESPECT AND FAIR PLAY PHILOSOPHY: Tactics advance when technical ability improves. Then the beautiful game occurs with greater frequency. The ball does the work instead of kick & run, hope & a prayer passing commonly seen on the pitch. Other than martial arts, soccer ...

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